Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Beginnings

I got baptized on Sunday, it was a beautiful experience.

Thank you Ela, Josh, Jen, Rachel, Jamie, and Katie for being there!!

God has been working on my heart a lot lately. Digging up all the muck I've been burying for so deep for so long.

It's been freeing to be so honest with my friends, my family I should call them, because they have become part of my family and I love it.

I am blessed, I am clean, I am free.

Here's to new beginnings, a life of freedom and honesty.

Christ is Freedom, and I am sacred....


kjsonntag said...

finally something new on your blog! and what could be better than what you wrote and where you are? i am excited for you. and excited about tonight!!

polavinfamily said...

hey about time you update your blog there woman!

I check all the time and you getting a little lazy.

You are blessed and a blessing.

love ya