Thursday, March 27, 2008

something is in the air

This past week has been amazing. Every night after work I've had chance to either go outside for a walk and enjoy the weather or last nigth I chose to go on a bike ride.

One word: Magnificent. At one point I stopped along the trail and sat on this bench a top of "mini" hill that looks directly at Pikes Peak. And I just let the wind and the warmth of the setting sun wash over my face. I think if I had to describe what I think heaven might feel like, that might be it. The feel of a warm breeze washing against your body while basking in the glow of a setting sun, the air around me engulfing me, with the sound of the wind in the trees, birds chirping.

In that fleeting moment I truly felt, understood, and believed that God is good and God is faithful.

There is something about bike riding for me that I just love. My family was always going on bike rides together when I was a kid, we still do it now if we can when we get together. I think its that feel of the wind on my face I just love, to push myself sometimes to the limit to make it up a wicked hill, or even when I go mountain biking to scare the living Ba-Jesus outta myself going on trail that's wicked hard. I love it...i just do.

The only part I don't love is those dang bike seats....holy smokes...I'm feeling that bike ride today in my rump that's for sure. I think I'm going to go to the store and buy myself a new one, it'll be the Cadilac of bike seats!!!

Here's to Springs! It's been a long time coming and I have been awaiting you! So go out, enjoy creation, and feel the warm breeze and sun on your face and remember...God did both...and God is good.

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