Monday, March 24, 2008

Duty calls

Ugh, I got a summons for Jury Duty.

I guess it'd be ok if it was an interesting case. Then again I may not even be called back, my first day is April 10th.

I've been told if you just cry during your interview, you'll be dismissed....maybe I'll be able to work up some tears....

...anybody got any other suggestions?


I had a fantastical time with my friends from K-Group yesterday for our Easter Sha-bang. I mean what could be better for a group of people in their mid twenties than:

a) eating
2) An easter egg hunt
iii) Easter Egg Dying
D) a group game of quelf

Is there anything better?? I SUMBIT THAT THERE IS NOT!

hope everyone had a blessed easter!!

We missed all those from K-Group that couldn't come! Next time!!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I am so sad we missed out yesterday :c( Anyways, Jamie has jury duty too on April 1. Maybe you will be there toghether. That would be too funny!