Saturday, January 19, 2008

And the opinion is.....

Katie recently pointed out the fact that she felt as though I wasn't truly sharing my opinion in my last post regarding Pink's song "Dear Mr. President". So I'm going to clarify my opinions, through a random assortment of thoughts that will be mud.

So here are my thoughts:

I would NEVER want to be president.

I will give major kudos to those that choose to undertake the task of being the Commander and Chief of our Nation.

However, there are numerous things that i have not agreed with. I take a much more liberal stance than that of the very conservative, republican home. And that's ok. I respect my parents points of view, and we can agree to disagree.

But I am deeply saddened and at times outraged at the fact that we spend billions, yes BILLIONS of dollars on a war, and yet, we don't spend a fraction of that on helping the widows, the orphans, the fatherless....which is what God calls us to do.

And I blame a lot of that too on Christians, we are called to a religion that God finds faultess: to look after widows and orphans in their distress.(james 1:27) God calls us to "act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God." Micah 6:8

Is abortion against God's will? Yes, but if we are so determined to maintain the sanctity of life...what are we doing for the lost and the hopeless that are right here, right now? What about the sanctity of life of those living hell on earth?

What about the child that is born into the home of mother addicted to meth, the child who is sexually abused, the child that knows not whether they will have food to eat or a safe place to lay their head? The mother that works 2-3 jobs, because her husband left her for another woman (or another man for that matter), but she works those jobs just to try and even have the option of either heating the house, or putting food on the table.

The war on terror? The terror comes in other forms that Islamic radicals or the Taliban.

Do I agree with But how many babies have been spared from being raised in abusive homes? Does that justify it? No... But also spent over a year of my life being a part of the lives of at-risk, broken, abused, troubled, and lost teenagers. Who don't really know how to love, but they think "my mom did a crappy job of raising me, so when I have a kid, I'll do better". Meanwhile, they are still children, and they get pregnant, and they would never have an abortion, no...instead they have a child, thinking they can love it better, raise it better, but not thinking about the fact that do they don't have the means to even do that child justice, thus...continuing the cycle. The never ending cycle of generational turmoil and sin....and it breaks my heart.

What are we doing????? What? someone please explain it to me?

What do I feel about the war? I hate it! I hate that people die, and suffer, and that in the midst of trying to kill the guilty, we kill so many innocent too.

There is something poetic in Pink's song, and do I agree with every facet of it? No, but there are many parts I do.

One things for sure...I would never EVER want to be president.

God be with us, for we are a lost people...... Abba help us to seek after you again, to seek after your heart. Help us to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with you, and to help orphans & widows in their distress.


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