Sunday, March 29, 2009

sometimes I think i'm funny...

ok there's probably a lot of times I think I'm funny.

I was sorting through some older photos in iPhoto trying to pick ones that I'm going to print off to hangout on the walls of my house and I came across this one:

You see we were having a gathering to watch one of the presidential debates and we were supposed to make a snack that made us think of politicians...My immediately thought "asses!!!" so I made butt cookies. Here's a close up:

It just gave me a laugh to see these. I had forgotten about it. So i thought I'd share them. I hope they gave you a good laugh too.

-Love the least


calli said...

hilarious. the laughter that erupted could not be contained!

thank you for sharing.

Eric and Allison Breuker said...

Fantastic! I chuckled out loud. You are funny! It's one of you many great qualities.

Stephen said...

Laughing out loud at your butt cookies!

Wendy said...

You crack me up!
p.s. I have your water bottle that you left in the back of the "Burb."