Tuesday, March 31, 2009


CHOOOOO!!! So here's my random story of the day:

I head into to the store tonight to pick up a few items. So as I walk into the store I stumble upon the card section and I says to myself I says "self...you need to buy some cards to send to people". So I am perusing through the card section and I'm standing there looking at cards when.....BAM!!! a sneeze comes outta me from no where! ACHOO! One that I didn't even feel coming on, it just shot outta me like a bolt of lightening, no time to cover my mouth and what happens....my gum shoots out of my mouth like a bullet from a gun. It proceeded to stick the card in front of me and then ploop...it fell to the floor.

I mean one could hope I looked as cute as this when I sneezed:

but I'm sure I looked more like this:

Yah, that's a whole lot of not pretty. But I was laughing outloud to myself as I picked my gum up off the floor and took it to a trash can under a cash register.

If I could have seen the sneeze coming that would have been fantastic, but it offered me a good laugh.

-love the least

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Thanks for making me laugh!