Monday, March 23, 2009

....I'm friggin' crazy

soooooooo I.... I think I'm a friggin' loon.

I decided that my life isn't busy and crazy enough....I should add this to it:

Yep, I am officially a dog owner. Her name is Molly. What I should call her is "Are you freaking kidding me?!" or "Seriously!!!" or "not again!"

I mean this puppy won't stop going to the bathroom in her crate...I have asked everyone I know with a dog and they all say "really? Dogs hate being near their own urine and poop...." welp... NOT MINE. Not that she rolls in it, but good night nurse, she is willing to pee in there and just wait....ugh

Anyways, she's been a lot of work, which you always think you've prepared yourself for something like that, but OH NO! I'm learning. She's a great teaching tool for me. I just wish her teaching wouldn't be at the expense of my sleep.

Anyways, welcome to my world Molly, you'll be around for a while.

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Dawn said...

Raising a puppy is good training for a baby. It gives you a SLIGHT idea of the work/rewards involved.
She's adorable, by the way. How old is she? Bladder control usually doesn't come until 11 weeks or so.