Sunday, June 7, 2009

27 things to do before I turn 28

I turned 27 yesterday and I have been contemplating for a bit about how to make this 365 days of my life between 27 and 28 different. So I said to Katie the other day....maybe I'll find 27 things to do in my 27th year of life that have to be accomplished before I turn 28. Some of them will be tough, others just things I want to do.

So I'll begin the list today, and although i don't have 27 things yet, I'll be revisiting this list over the next couple weeks and adding to it until I find 27 things. so with that said here it goes:

1.) Complete list of "27 things to do before I turn 28 on June 6, 2010"
2.) Read the Bible 1/2 way through (no I'm not trying to be extra spiritual, I am needing more spiritual discipline in my life and this is an attempt)
3.) Be able to jog a 5k
4.) Be able to jog a 10k
5.) Go Skiing this winter
6.) Take at least "photo of the week" (52 total or more)
7.) Hike the incline 3 times
8.) Go to Maroon Bells to see the fall colors
9.) Weekend road trip to destination TBD still
10.) Read 5 non fiction books
11.) Spend 2 months straight not listening to the radio in my car
12.) Plant a garden
13.) Commit more time, energy, and effort to letting my family and friends know how much I love and appreciate them and why I do.
14.) Hike a 14er
15.) Visit 5 Breweries in Colorado (I know that's not many considering how many are here, and one of them has to be the New Belgium Brewery)

16.) Visit and eat at 7 local non chain restaurants (gotta support the locals)
1.) Leon Gessi's
2.) The Drive In

17.) Complete (Jog/Walk) Jack Quinns 10x's to get a free t-shirt!!! before the end of summer '09
1.) Date unknown
2.) Date unknown
3.) date unknown
4.) 7/14/09
5.) 7/21/09
18.) Camping Trip with friends (hopefully to Ouray)
19.) Visit the Duffy Roll Cafe in Denver at least 4x's - the best cinnamon rolls I've ever put in my mouth and eaten....the best
20.) Begin purging from my life the "stuff" I keep but don't need
21.) Bike to The Air Force Academy from my house 4 times or more
1.) 6/27/09 with Katie
22.) Commit to more random (and often unnoticed) acts of kindness.
23.) Pay off a huge chunk of my debt
24.) Visit the Cheyenne Zoo and ride the sky ride (I haven't been since they added all the cool new stuff)
25.) Conquer Super Paper Mario

......that's all I've got so far. Any suggestions?

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