Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daniel's Fast Day 9

You know I'm coming to a close on day 9 of this fast and i'm still waiting for some grand ephiphanies from God, but I have yet to be struck by lighting, see writing on the wall, to part any seas, or hear God in that "whisper of the wind". All in due time I suppose, I can say that I am feeling closer to His heart that I have in a long time and that is comforting. (Especially when I want to pick up the phone and order the biggest pizza known to man from Borriello Bros or to just shove a brick of cheese and piece of meat in my mouth) (Insert daydream of eating a fantastic meal here__________________)

I have been thinking to myself a lot "i'm going to eat this, or make this, or have this when I'm done with this fast". I have realized how much I LOVE cooking and baking since I haven't done or really been able to do much of it since starting this thing

I have learned how much eating is a social experience for me. Its hard to not be able to say "hey let's get coffee" or "want to go get ice cream". Even trying to find a place to eat with friends has been difficult and to tell you the truth its been robbing me of the joy of eating with others. I mean I am used to watching people eat delicious foods that I'm choosing not to eat right now, but it's awkward when it makes people feel as though they shouldn't eat in front of me. And that makes me sad, I don't enjoy making others feel that way.

So my goal, for the next 11 days is to try and make this as painless as possible for others. And I'm still waiting for that bolt of lightening to strike me to give me some wisdom on some things.

for now I'll just dream of eating a big fatty mc-fat-fat piece of pizza...

I have had some funny dreams about food lately.

-love the least


The Real Deal said...

I don't know if this is encouraging, or a rude slap in the face, but I think I'll still share this thought...

Maybe expecting the "lightning bolt" response from God is the wrong way to think about it?

When we did the whole prophetic word thing on Sunday, I was pretty excited and wanting to hear an amazing, "lighting bolt" type of word from God. But that didn't happen....instead, I've been getting a slow, quiet simmer that isn't the kind of message I was expecting.

Just a thought, so you don't feel all disappointed if the "lightning bolt" never comes.

katie said...

you crack me up! I will so be right there with you enjoying the fatty mc fat fat piece of pizza with you!

love ya sis!