Monday, April 21, 2008


My heart has been going through this vast array of emotions lately....some I like, some I don't like, but in the end I love them all and must embrace them.

For those of you that may not know me too well, I'll fill you in on something about myself: I think WAY too much. I'm a thinker, a ponderer, a wonderer. My soul, my heart, my thoughts run deep. So deep that I tend to over think, over analyze, over emotionalize a lot. But it's me, I must embrace it, and at times learn to reign it in.

Lately I keep thinking about Africa, and how much I ache to go there and serve. My goal is to hopefully get a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and then be able to go and serve in Africa for periods of time. How feasible this will be, I don't know, but my heart aches to do such things. When God made me, He created this spot, a nest in my heart for Africa; for its people, its children, it's poverty, it's sorrow, it's ache, it's beauty, it's joy.

Trying to go back to school is going to be really tough, so I hope and pray that it is attainable.

.......what has God made a space in your heart for, what has He nested in you that you ache for?


kjsonntag said...

orphans and foster care. it seems doable once kevin is out of school ... but how is there this deep ache in my heart now, yet i feel like i can't act on it? is the purpose to grow it? to grow me? to give me certainty He has called me for a greater purpose than to just live in a house with 2.5 kids with a white picket fence (you know what i mean by this ...) but to give life, a home, happiness, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ to children who might not ever know? and should i even have my own kids or only adopt?

thoughts ...

Pollly19 said...

you should post pics of your sweet new ride!