Saturday, October 6, 2007

growing pains

It has officially been three weeks since I have worked at a full-time job.........

I think "growing pains" is how I would best describe how I feel right now about my life. I have been really struggling lately to just allow God to "move" so to speak, to allow Him to use this time of unknowns, transitions, this time of being COMPLETELY terrified about my life to shape me. I am trying desperately to allow God to move mountains within my being, within my soul....and I wish I could sit still long enough, and listen hard enough to hear him in the faint whisper of the wind blowing through the trees.

I just keep think....just trust Rachel, you have stepped out in faith, just trust. and then the other part of my brain kicks in and says......what in the junk were you thinking when you quit your job?!?! What the junk are you doing with your life?!?!?! What are you doing to do next Rachel?!? what?

.......growing pains. They are hard, and here I am Lord, I accept them, no "buts", just acceptance of what you are trying to teach me. I'm willing to sit and listen....please, come talk.

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