Wednesday, September 26, 2007

.....things that are hard

It was a blast! They make me laugh a lot and I hope they come back to visit soon. So between climbing the incline, having dinner Friday night, and hanging out with them Sunday evening, I had a hoot of time.

p.s. for those of you that don't know...the incline is over 3,000 railroad ties that are make-do steps that lead straight up the side of a, a frickin' riot!!! But great exercise.

This is the boys on the way up....they always make the best of everything!! :o)
This is us at the top...finally

I would like to mention that I have done the "incline" a couple of times now and walked away ...unscathed. However, this time, we came directly back down the incline (not recommended by most), and now neither do I recommend it. Because for three days I could barely walk do the damage I inflicted on my right thigh.


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